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"WIM Canada is very excited to have YukonWIM join the expanding network of branches across Canada. We are looking forward to working with YukonWIM to make a positive impact on both women and on the industry"

- WIM Canada President
Jean Lucas (YukonWIM Launch)

"Yukon Women in Mining gives us the opportunity to celebrate the valuable role women play in Yukon's mineral industry. Supporting and enhancing women's contributions to the resource sector is vital to the success of mining in our territory"

- Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development

"As a career option 'the mining industry' has been great for me there are opportunities for international travel, it pays well, and there are plenty of opportunities for independence"

Joanna Ettlinger
YukonWIM President

"...There are wonderful opportunities for women in the mining and resource sector. I truly believe the labour force of tomorrow will be more diverse, innovative and productive"

Hon. Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, Government of Canada

GOVERNMENT OF YUKON              View Yukon First Nations Map >>

 Government Agency Name     | Description                                                                | Website
 Energy Mines and Resources

  • Established under the Economic Development Act to advise the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources on mineral development matters
  • Make recommendations on specific matters referred to it, by the Minister
  • Undertake other initiatives, such as conferences and public workshops on mineral development matters, as requested by the Minister
  • Make recommendations to the Minister to fulfill objectives of the Board
  • Yukon Minerals Advisory Board Annual Report 2011

 Agency Site 

  • Yukon is divided into four districts, Dawson, Mayo, Watson Lake and Whitehorse

    Dawson Mining Recorder
    Box 249
    Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
    Y0B 1G0
    Phone (867)993-5343
    Fax (867)993-6747

    Mayo Mining Recorder
    Box 10
    Mayo, Yukon, Canada
    Y0B 1M0
    Phone (867)996-2256
    Fax (867)996-2617

    Watson Lake Mining Recorder
    Box 269
    Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada
    Y0A 1C0
    Phone (867)536-7366
    Fax (867)536-7842

    Whitehorse Mining Recorder
    Room 102-300 Main Street
    Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
    Y1A 2B5
    Phone (867)667-3190
    Fax (867)667-5150

  • Offices provide staking guidelines, information sheets, assistance and information on ground open for staking
  • Issue and maintain mineral titles, review work filed for assessment credit and sell claim maps

 Agency Site 

  • Generates and compiles scientific and technical information about Yukon’s geology, mineral deposits and hydrocarbons
  • Provides geoscience maps and publications to the public in partnership with the Whitehorse Mining Recorders office through the Geoscience Information and Sales outlet and on their website
  • Provide mineral potential assessments for protected areas and land use planning
  • Funds and administers the Yukon Mining Incentive Program (YMIP)

 Agency Site 

  • Manages mineral policy, land tenure, royalties and mining land use legislation and regulations 
  • Contact: mining@gov.yk.ca

 Agency Site 

  • Coordinate the completion and implementation of the Fish Habitat Management System for Yukon placer mining

 Agency Site 


 Agency Site 

 Mining Yukon - Governent of Yukon Mining and Explorations Portal
 Economic Development
 Canada Business Network (Government of Canada)

 Agency Site 


  • In-depth guide to career opportunities in Yukon – 100 career profiles

 Agency Site 

YUKON FIRST NATIONS (click on name below in map for more information)

Council of Yukon First Nations

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  First Nation Corporation focused on business 
  investments that will generate wealth while
  contributing to the sustainable growth and
  development of our people, our environment
  and our culture.

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Yukon Women in Mining
#420 - 2237 2nd Ave
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 0K7

Chair  |  Anne Lewis
P: 867-335-1452
E: info@yukonwim.ca

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