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"WIM Canada is very excited to have YukonWIM join the expanding network of branches across Canada. We are looking forward to working with YukonWIM to make a positive impact on both women and on the industry"

- WIM Canada President
Jean Lucas (YukonWIM Launch)

"Yukon Women in Mining gives us the opportunity to celebrate the valuable role women play in Yukon's mineral industry. Supporting and enhancing women's contributions to the resource sector is vital to the success of mining in our territory"

- Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development

"As a career option 'the mining industry' has been great for me – there are opportunities for international travel, it pays well, and there are plenty of opportunities for independence"

– Joanna Ettlinger
YukonWIM President

"...There are wonderful opportunities for women in the mining and resource sector. I truly believe the labour force of tomorrow will be more diverse, innovative and productive"

– Hon. Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, Government of Canada


 School/Training Centre                | Description                                               | Website

  • Educate - about the viability of trades and technology opportunities for women;
  • Recruit - by finding women and employers who would be successful together;
  • Support - potential and present trades women.

 School/Training Site 

  • YMTA works to maximize employment opportunities emerging from the growth of mining and related resource industries in the North for First Nations and other Yukoners.

 School/Training Site 

  • The goal of the NSNY is to foster a commitment to occupational health and safety among Yukon workers and employers.

 School/Training Site 

  • To encourage and support a coordinated Canadian approach to promoting skilled trades and technologies to youth

 School/Training Site 

  • Degree, diploma, certificate programs and upgrading
  • Career Counseling and Guidance
  • Research and Innovation
  • Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining

    “Phase One reveals that over the next 10 years, the Yukon’s three producing mines alone will need to hire approximately 1,690 workers to simply maintain the current level of employment,” said Yukon College President and CNIM Chair Karen Barnes. “These figures don’t include the new positions that will need to be filled or the hiring requirements of the exploration industry and mining’s associated construction, environmental and service and supply sectors.”

 School/Training Site 


Brad Beaumont
Instructor/Coordinator Faro Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-994-8800

Crystal Close
Administrative Assistant, Watson Lake Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-536-8800

Dawn Marino
Instructor/Coordinator Carmacks Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-863-8800
Extension Division

Dean MacKay
Instructor/Coordinator WCC
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-455-2970

Dorothy M V Johnson
Instructor/Coordinator Hets'edan Ku
(Pelly Crossing)
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-537-8800

Eldo Enns
Instructor, Dawson City Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-993-8800

Gabriel Ellis
Instructor/Coordinator Pelly Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-537-8800
School of Community Education & Development

Gisela Niedermeyer
Instructor Carcross Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-821-8800

John McDonald
Instructor/Coordinator -- Alice Frost Community Campus (Old Crow)
Community Campuses
Phone: 867 966-8800

Kitty Sperling
Instructor/Coordinator Ross River
(Dena Cho Kanadi)
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-969-8800

Leslie Kerr
Instructor/Coordinator, Carcross Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-821-8800

Lue Maxwell
Coordinator, Dawson City Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-993-8800

Marcia Jordan
Administrative Assistant, Dawson City Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-993-8800

Melody Hutton
Cordinator/Tutor, Mayo
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-996-8800

Michelle Koehl
Coordinator Watson Lake Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-536-8800

Patty Moore
Instructor/Coordinator Haines Junction Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-634-8800

Yasmine Djabri Cerutti
Coordinator/Tutor Ross River Campus
Community Campuses
Phone: 867-969-8800


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Yukon Women in Mining
#420 - 2237 2nd Ave
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 0K7

Chair  |  Anne Lewis
P: 867-335-1452
E: info@yukonwim.ca

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