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"WIM Canada is very excited to have YukonWIM join the expanding network of branches across Canada. We are looking forward to working with YukonWIM to make a positive impact on both women and on the industry"

- WIM Canada President
Jean Lucas (YukonWIM Launch)

"Yukon Women in Mining gives us the opportunity to celebrate the valuable role women play in Yukon's mineral industry. Supporting and enhancing women's contributions to the resource sector is vital to the success of mining in our territory"

- Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development

"As a career option 'the mining industry' has been great for me – there are opportunities for international travel, it pays well, and there are plenty of opportunities for independence"

– Joanna Ettlinger
YukonWIM President

"...There are wonderful opportunities for women in the mining and resource sector. I truly believe the labour force of tomorrow will be more diverse, innovative and productive"

– Hon. Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, Government of Canada


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  • Educate - about the viability of trades and technology opportunities for women;
  • Recruit - by finding women and employers who would be successful together;
  • Support - potential and present trades women.

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        The objectives of the Association are:

  • To establish a central office of the Association at the City of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.
  • To promote a fraternal feeling and cordial business relations among it's members; and generally to do such acts and things as shall be for the benefit of it's members and the mining industry of the Yukon Territory.
  • To promote the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the prospectors and grub-stakers and to promote matters of interest to members.
  • To give legislative and other public bodies facilities for conferring with and ascertaining the views of persons engaged in prospecting.
  • To originate and recommend improvements in the law and to support or oppose alteration therein, and for the purposes aforesaid to petition the Governments and take such other steps and proceedings as may be deemed expedient.

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  • Promote the interests and conserve the rights of those engaged in the placer mining industry in Yukon
  • Promote sustainable placer mining and placer exploration in Yukon
  • Promote Best Practices for Placer Mining
  • Provide educational information to the public on modern, responsible placer mining and placer exploration

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  • To liaise between the mining industry and world financing sources, through international strategic marketing and promotion of Yukon mineral investment potential
  • To promote as a brand established qualified companies in Yukon, engaged in activities including advanced exploration, mine development, production, and reclamation with known gold, silver and copper resources and significant expenditures in Yukon

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  • Promote and support member business opportunities, lobby municipal and Territorial governments on behalf of the business community & support economic development  
  • Member Directory

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  • Provide advocacy and services for economic initiatives and business development, infrastructure development and business legislation and regulations

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  • Enhance business growth and economic prosperity in Dawson City and surrounding area
  • Dawson City International Gold Show – May annually
  • Online business directory

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  • Administers an assessment process that is carried out by either Designated Offices or the Executive Committee to assess the environmental and socio-economic effects of projects and activities in Yukon, and
  • Makes recommendations to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, Government of Yukon for mining-related projects
  • Purpose: to protect the environmental and social integrity of Yukon, while fostering responsible development in the territory that reflects the values of Yukoners and respects the contributions of First Nations

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  • Issuing and amending a Water License, holding license application hearings, regulating water use and prescribing information requirements
  • Assigning a license, cancelling a license, and advising the Minister of the Executive Office on various water planning matters

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  • Provide comprehensive dispute resolution process to resolves disputes which arise out of the interpretation, administration, or implementation of settlement agreements or settlement legislation
  • Facilitate the out-of-court resolution of disputes in a non-adversarial and informal atmosphere

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  • Primary instrument for local renewable resource management for their area
  • Make recommendations on any matter related to fish and wildlife, to the Minister of Environment, Government of Yukon, affected First Nation(s), Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Salmon Sub-Committee

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  • Resolve access disputes between those owning or having an interest in land (surface rights holders) and others with access rights to the land

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  • Primary instrument of fish and wildlife management in Yukon
  • Make recommendations on legislation, research, policies and programs to Minister of Environment, Government of Yukon, Yukon First Nations and the Renewable Resource Council

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  • Make recommendations to Government and each of the affected Yukon First Nations on land use planning policies, goals, priorities, planning regions and the general terms of reference for the Land Use Planning Commissions

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Yukon Women in Mining
#420 - 2237 2nd Ave
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 0K7

Chair  |  Anne Lewis
P: 867-335-1452
E: info@yukonwim.ca

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