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"WIM Canada is very excited to have YukonWIM join the expanding network of branches across Canada. We are looking forward to working with YukonWIM to make a positive impact on both women and on the industry"

- WIM Canada President
Jean Lucas (YukonWIM Launch)

"Yukon Women in Mining gives us the opportunity to celebrate the valuable role women play in Yukon's mineral industry. Supporting and enhancing women's contributions to the resource sector is vital to the success of mining in our territory"

- Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development

"As a career option 'the mining industry' has been great for me – there are opportunities for international travel, it pays well, and there are plenty of opportunities for independence"

– Joanna Ettlinger
YukonWIM President

"...There are wonderful opportunities for women in the mining and resource sector. I truly believe the labour force of tomorrow will be more diverse, innovative and productive"

– Hon. Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, Government of Canada
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Whether you're a long-time Yukoner, recently relocated, or considering a new adventure in the North, knowing where to start or what the next step is can be both an exciting and daunting challenge. Yukon's culture and economy has a rich 100+ year's history in mineral exploration and mining, which has created a dynamic sector with a wealth of resources. Building your Yukon Mining Connection, that is your network, may be the single most valuable asset in building a successful career path!

YukonWIM is committed to helping YOU make your Yukon Mining Connection and figure out the WHO and WHAT of Yukon's organizations and resources. We have collected the names, mandates, services and links for as many associations, organizations, institutions and web resources as we can think to ensure this key information is available.

Build your network to share in the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences that these organizations and Yukoners have to offer.

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